Assurance Framework


In Alberta’s K-12 education system, school authorities are accountable organizations. The Department of Education allocates funds to school authorities so they may fulfill their delegated responsibilities of providing education programs for Alberta’s K-12 students This practice creates an accountability relationship between the department and the school authorities which requires transparency and the obligation to answer for, and publicly report on the spending of public funds and results achieved by the accountable organization through the discharge of responsibilities. This accountability relationship is established in legislation and regulation.

In addition to the department, school authorities are also responsible for providing assurance to their local stakeholders and the public that they are fulfilling their responsibilities and students are successful. This assurance arises from the combination of policies, processes, actions and evidence that help build public confidence in the education system. It is achieved through relationship building, engagement with education partners and by creating and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement and collective responsibility. (Alberta Education Funding Manual for School Authorities 2020/21 School Year; pg 14) Continuous Improvement Cycle ( Alberta Education Funding Manual for School Authorities2020/21 School Year; page 20)



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