School Councils

The central focus of the school council is as an advisory group that helps with community relations, fund raising and supplement school needs.

School councils have a role in advising and consulting with the principal on some matters relating to the school. A school council is a collective association of parents, teachers, principals, staff, students (where appropriate), and community representatives who seek to work together to promote the well being and effectiveness of the entire school community and thereby to enhance student learning. A school council provides a means to facilitate cooperation among all the concerned participants in the local school.

Alberta Government information regarding parent councils:

The following information can be found at the Alberta Education website.

School Councils

School councils were established in 1995, to increase parent and community involvement in the education of children in Alberta. School councils are mandatory for all public schools - including charter schools.

School councils must include the following members:

  • school principal
  • teachers
  • parents of student's enrolled in the school
  • community representatives who are not he parent of a child in the school
  • students (high schools only)
    Parents must form the majority of members

Through school councils, Albertans assume an advisory role in education matters ranging from academic programs to school policies and budgeting. For more information, visit the Alberta Home and School Councils' Association Website.



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