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Advocating For Catholic Education
Posted on 03/08/2023
Advocating For Catholic Education

Dear Parents, Guardians, & Stakeholders

East Central Alberta Catholic School Division trustees will be sharing our division’s priorities and needs with current MLA's and candidates. In addition, ECCS would like to support our community stakeholders who have the opportunity to advocate for Catholic Education by engaging local MLA's and potential political candidates running in the next election. We encourage you to ask these critical questions to share the division's priorities regarding publicly funded Catholic education in Alberta and your local community.

  1. How will you continue to support and ensure that Catholic Education remains publicly funded?
  2. How will you ensure ECCS receives the required funding for new schools, modernizations, and ongoing maintenance so all students and staff have a safe and healthy learning environment?
  3. How will you ensure appropriate government ministries' mental and physical health support for our school communities?
  4. How will you ensure equitable and sustainable transportation services for families who choose to attend Catholic schools?
  5. How will you address our local community challenges impacting Catholic education?

For further information on "Why Catholic Education" is essential, reference the following web address. Why Catholic Education (

For further information on ECCS's four-year education plan and annual education results report, please reference the following web addresses.
ECCS Four-Year Education Plan (
ECCS Annual Education Report (

If you require additional information regarding advocating for publicly funded Catholic Education in your community, please send your question or concerns to [email protected]

Debra Klein - Board Chair Glenn Nowosad - Superintendent

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