Election Updates

As part of the municipal general elections, Albertans vote for their school board trustees. A general election takes place once every four years.

Local Authorities Election Act and Education Act The LAEA is the primary legislation that guides the conduct of a school board or municipal election or by-election. The Education Act covers a number of instances related to school board elections, such as vacancies on a school board and electoral structures.

Planning an election is a complex process. Some of the details for ensuring a successful election include: 

  • appointing/hiring an RO, substitute RO, deputy returning officer (DRO) and other election officials;
  • booking facilities that can be used as voting stations;
  • conducting school board elections in conjunction with municipal elections (if applicable);
  • preparing materials, ordering ballots, ballot boxes and privacy screens;
  • creating packages and providing information to prospective candidates; and
  • maintaining a register of candidates for disclosure to Alberta Education 24 hours after nominations close on nomination day.

Boards that have wards and/or subdivisions can pass a bylaw to amend electoral boundaries and/or trustee representation. If they have wards and/or subdivisions, they must confirm or amend the ward/subdivision boundaries by December 31, 2020, for the 2021 general election. A ward bylaw will remain in force unless it’s repealed by December 31 in the year prior to the next general election being held. Some election processes require approval from the elected school board. Board resolutions are needed to appoint an RO and to provide for special ballots, advance votes, incapacitated elector at home voting and institutional voting. School boards may also determine if they will hold an election separately or with another elected authority in the same area.


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