For our students . . .

"The light of faith will illumine truth and values that the students will gradually come to learn about the world, about life and about the human person."


For our teachers . . .

"By their witness and their behavior teachers are of the first importance to impart a distinctive character to Catholic schools."

"Teachers are filled with a deep conviction and joy in the knowledge that they are offering young people the opportunity of growing in faith, of accepting and living its precious principles of love, charity and hope."


In our programs . . .

"A Catholic school conforms to the generally accepted school programming of today but implements these programs within an overall religious perspective."


"The special character of Catholic school and the underlying reason for its existence, the reason why Catholic parents should prefer it, is precisely the Gospel message integrated into the overall education of the students."

In our schools . . .

"The Gospel spirit should be evident in a Christian way of thought and life which permeates all facets of the educational environment."


At the school division level . . .

"Our first challenge is to develop further and to articulate a Catholic philosophy of education for our times so that our distinctive vision of education will permeate every aspect of our curriculum and all dimensions of the learning process."

"Our schools are open to families and students, of different faiths and religions, who choose our Catholic schools because they appreciate the value of an education where instruction is enhanced by our religious dimension."

In our parishes . . .

"Cooperation of all, given in the spirit of the Gospel, is by its very nature a witness not only to Christ as the corner-stone of the community, but also as the light Who shines far beyond it."

"The climate must be one in which families are welcomed and the local Church is an active participant."

“We teach; we share; we learn; we care. We grow in Christ, believing that together we can make a difference.” Treaty Land Recognition - “We acknowledge that treaty 6 & 7 territories, on which we stand, is the ancestral land of the Indigenous peoples, and is common home to everyone in virtue of God, our Creator’s, gracious gift.” Alberta Public Catholic Education. © 2024 East Central Catholic Schools.