ST.A New School Opens

Saint Thomas Aquinas New School Opens
Posted on 11/15/2021
Saint Thomas Aquinas New School

Saint Thomas Aquinas New School Opens November 15th, 2021

Old STA School

New School

Saint Thomas Aquinas New School Opening


East Central Catholic School Division is proud to announce the new Saint Thomas Aquinas School opening in Provost, Alberta. The Division would like to thank and recognize the commitment and hard work of all our staff, parents, board members, and previous Superintendent Charlie McCormack, that made the dream of a new school a reality.

STA New School

In The Third Path, Dr. Tranter discusses a strategy referred to as "placemaking." Placemaking consists of a "public space planning approach that promotes well-being, health, and a feeling of belonging, and that imbues the space with more meaning." We genuinely believe the new school design and architecture have captured this concept of placemaking.
STA New School
The Division is delighted with the overall design of the building, from the state-of-the-art energy-efficient electrical and mechanical systems to the faith-based symbolism, school colors, and the open concept that brings natural light into the learning areas. The architectural design aligns with our faith-based focus supporting safe and caring learning environments and our mission to serve the needs of everyone in our community.
STA New School
The Division would like to take the opportunity thank the Jason Callihoo (Alberta Intrastructure), John Richards, Christian Khune, Curtis Mcneil (Gen-Col Contracting), David McBride, Robert Rabinovitch (Workun & Garrick Engineering Partnership), the Town Of Provost and all the contractors and subcontractors that contributed to the completion of the project.
STA New School
On a special note, ECCS would like to extend a special thanks to the school admin team, principal Jeremy Carins, vice principal Sheldon Tamling and Chris Ritchie, who worked on the construction project and captured the entire construction project using his drone.


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