K-3 Curriculum Implementation

K-3 Curriculum Implementation
Posted on 06/21/2022
K-3 Curriculum Implementation


ECCS New Curriculum Implementation Plan

Date: June 21st, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians of ECCS:

East Central Catholic School Division (ECCS) is implementing the new provincial K-3 curriculum for the upcoming 2022-23 school year. Across Alberta, school authorities will be required to implement K – 3 English Language Arts and Mathematics, and K – 6 Physical Education and Wellness. In preparation for the coming school year, ECCS senior administration wishes to share some important information and updates about the new curriculum rollout with our parents. For further information, we recommend parents review The Alberta Guiding Framework for the Design and Development of Kindergarten to Grade 12 Provincial Curriculum documentation. Additionally, parents can reference the New Learn Alberta website to access curriculum documents that outline the direction for student learning and assessment practices for years to come.

During the initial curriculum implementation of the 2022-23 school year, schools will maintain the use of our current report cards, which will include the updated learning outcomes. Rest assured, ECCS will continue our endeavour of providing quality teaching, learning, and assessment practices that align with the new curriculum guidelines. ECCS teachers will receive ample year-long support and training to ensure that the new curriculum is achievable and aligned with best teaching and learning practices. ECCS is looking forward to collaborating with school leadership teams, overall staff, and educational consultants within The Learning Network to help support the application of the new curriculum outcomes. Together on a professional journey of exploration and implementation, ECCS teachers will have the confidence, time, and resources necessary to ensure a complete understanding of the knowledge, understanding, skills, procedures, and competencies for each curricular outcome.

East Central Alberta Catholic School Division will work with teachers to identify key resources to help with the implementation of the upcoming new curriculum. In closing, ECCS is extremely blessed to have your child registered in our schools. We continue our daily efforts to serve our student population with a Christ-like servant heart and the new 2022-2023 curriculum is an exciting opportunity in which we can provide new ways to grow, journey, teach, learn, and explore together.

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