ECCS CTS Options

ECCS CTS Options
Posted on 02/12/2021
CTS Options

East Central Alberta Catholic School Division is very proud to offer excellent programming that expands student's opportunities for learning. The Career and Technology Studies Trailer (CTS) which is now in Stettler is one such example. Many stories of student interest, excitement, and high learner engagement are taking place as the students work with small engine repairs. As a further enhancement to the possibilities of the CTS trailer ECCS has invested resources to help provide woodworking as another area of study. Tools and equipment have been ordered and received with more equipment to yet come. Soon, six work station tool bins will be available and delivered to the trailer for student usage! It is an exciting time for our junior high learners as they broaden their experience in the field of trade work. Much research has been completed in the field of “Hands-on Learning” and the CTS trailer serves as a perfect conduit in which our students will learn and retain much working knowledge. A recent online article entitled “Is Hands-On Learning Better?” authored by Jonathan Arnholz in 2019 states the following research-based facts:
Hands-on learning better engages both sides of the brain. Listening and analyzing processes occur in the left hemisphere, but visual and spatial processes are handled on the right. By combining multiple styles of learning, the brain forms stronger overall connections and is able to store more relevant information.

CTS Program
Brain scans also show increased activity in sensory and motor-related areas of the brain when thinking about concepts they had hands-on experience with.
As you can tell, the CTS trailer is a fantastic way of not only broadening student experiences but also provides opportunities that significantly improve student abilities of critical thinking and creative problem-solving. There are many more opportunities for hands-on learning that can be offered through the feature of our CTS trailer and updates regarding news about this exciting teaching platform will be shared with all stakeholders of our amazing school communities. Stay tuned to learn more!

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