COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine
Posted on 06/08/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Chief Medical Officer of Health Update

June 8, 2021
Dear parents and guardians:
The past 15 months of living and working during the COVID-19 pandemic have been very difficult, especially for our children and youth. The COVID-19 vaccines that we have provide the chance to get the virus under control and help us to get back to the activities that are so important to our families’ health and well-being. I am writing to share information with you about these vaccines. Over the past months, I have heard questions from parents about the COVID-19 vaccines, and as a parent myself, I understand that you want to make an informed choice to keep your families safe.
Vaccines make our immune systems stronger by building antibodies that help prevent and fight off diseases. The COVID-19 vaccines are a safe way you can protect yourself and your family. They work well, even against known variant strains. It is much safer to be immunized than to get the COVID-19 disease.

Who can get COVID-19 Vaccine?

Albertans born in 2009 or before (turning 12+ this year) can get their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine now. Second doses are also being offered in stages throughout June. If you or your child (turning 12+) have not yet gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, you can book an appointment by contacting a participating pharmacy or through Alberta Health Services by using the online booking tool or by calling 811. Some family physicians are also giving vaccines.

Youth who were born in 2004 – 2009 can have the Pfizer vaccine and those born in 2003 and before can get Pfizer or Moderna. Both of these are the same kind of vaccine, are safe and effective, and need two doses per person for best protection. Most times, youth under 18 years of age will need consent from their parent to get their vaccine. If a parent/guardian is at the appointment, they can give verbal consent. If a parent/guardian is not able to be at the appointment, a consent form can be signed and given to the person who is giving the vaccine. Consent forms can be found at

At this time, children born in 2010 or later (turning 11 this year or younger) are not able to get a COVID-19 vaccine. There are studies happening now for children under 12 to measure how the vaccine works, and to look for any side effects in this age group. Until we have that information, possibly by this fall, adults and older children can help protect younger children from the virus by getting their COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they can.

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