The Mobile Lab project will facilitate collaboration between employers and institutes of higher education to identify desirable skills and develop models of certification and degree attainment in high-demand areas. 

Expanding student access to academic and workplace skills by providing additional opportunities for dual credits and industry certifications.

By providing a portable classroom outfitted with the equipment needed to teach the skills necessary for Albertans to maintain a competitive edge in a global economy, East Central Catholic will serve as the communities of Vermilion, Wainwright, Provost, Castor, and Stettler.  

CTS, Dual Credit, and RAP Programming

Mobile Labs will be designed to be interchangeable to further add to the possible courses and certification credits available to districts. Students could be entering a lab to work on Career and Technology (CTS) competency-based instruction such as computer coding, small engine repairs, sewing, wood working, and welding, etc.


The portable design will allow the CTS trailer to move from community to community so that schools are not limited to the certification or career pathways that their budget can cover. Partnership with Careers Next Generation, Lakeland College, NAIT and local and regional business experts can provide programming opportunities that would otherwise not be possible in small rural communities.

Lakeland College Dual Credit Programming


Lakeland College offers high school students the chance to take post-secondary courses. You'll complete high school credits (in Career & Technology Studies [CTS] and also earn credits from Lakeland.

Courses are offered twice a year in September and February. Interested students are asked to complete an application and submit to their principal as soon as possible.

Dual credit courses are available to any Alberta school division. Interested school divisions should check out the school guide.

Currently students have the option to take 7 courses. 
Environmental Sustainability
Health, Safety & Nutrition
Introduction to Esthetics
Introduction to Heavy Oil and Gas
Introduction to Soil Science
Health Care Aide Section 1

Students will be exposed to courses that focus on accelerated degree completions in high-demand fields while earning industry-approved credentials as part of their career and technology coursework.

Why get involved with Dual Credit?

When students enroll in a dual credit course, they are able to investigate career paths that are not part of the regular high school curriculum.

Because the dual credit courses are offered online through Blackboard Collaborate and all lessons are recorded in Desire2Learn, it provides access to students in their home communities…it is CONVENIENT! Students can ‘TRY' before they ‘BUY'. These courses are offered FREE to students! Rather than committing to an entire program, in high school, students are able to ‘get their feet wet' with a taste of what that particular program is all about! Students gain the confidence to succeed academically in a post-secondary environment.

Once a high school student takes a dual credit course and is successful….they know what a college course feels like and what to expect if they do decide further their education after high school. With all of the dual credit courses offered online through Blackboard Collaborate and Desire2Learn, students increase their knowledge of educational technologies that prepare them for the technological workforce. If you have any questions regarding Dual Credit, please feel free to contact

Dwayne Coffey
ECACS Dual Credit Lead
Phone 780-808-2196
Email: [email protected]

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Registered Apprenticeship Programming


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