Annual Education Results Report

ECCS Mission Statement:
We believe that together with home and church, we respond to the needs of each student by providing quality learning experiences rooted in our Catholic faith.

ECCS Vision Statement:
Together we live our faith and engage in lifelong learning. “Growing in Christ, Making a Difference!”

The Alberta government has a system for school authorities to consistently measure success and progress, called the Accountability Pillar. The Accountability Pillar uses 16 measures that show communities how schools and school authorities are performing each year. Schools and school authorities use the results to identify areas for improvement and to help build their education plans.

This system helps the province, school authorities and schools track successes and improve the quality of education for students. It also helps build a more transparent K to 12 education system, focused on constantly improving across the province.


Assurance Framework 

Accountability In Alberta's K-12 Education System

2022-2023 Education Plan
 2021-2025 Four-Year Education Plan  2022-2023 Annual Education Results Report
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