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East Central Catholic Schools (ECCS) is proud to be a partner with Lakeland College in offering a wide range of dual credit courses for our high school students.

Dual Credit provides an opportunity for grade 10, 11 and 12 students to explore their interest in potential career paths and experience college-level courses while in high school. Students who are successful in their course will earn CTS (Career and Technology Studies) credits towards their high school graduation as well as earning post-secondary credits. All dual credit courses are acknowledged on the high school transcript.

Courses are offered for free through live, online classes or class recordings posted on Lakeland's learning management system, D2L. If any of the courses listed are of interest to you, please visit your school' s office for more information and complete an application form.

Courses Offered:

ED120 Play
Students who register for Play will jumpstart their college career path in Lakeland College's Early Learning and Child Care certificate program. With a class called play you know you are getting what you need to work with children!

HE158 Health Nutrition and Safety
This course is in the ELCC program. It focuses on the health services foundation. Students will explore nutrition and wellness.

HS160 Introduction to Esthetics
This course will provide students with an overview of safe practices in the workplace regarding bacteriology and sanitation. Students will learn to formulate a professional image and practice skills needed to work with the public.

SC140 Environmental Sustainability
A requirement in 7 of Lakeland College's Environmental Sciences majors, this course focuses on human interactions with the environment.

HL101 Introduction to Heavy Oil and Gas
This course will explain what heavy oil is and identify different ways heavy oil is produced.

SO102 Soil Science
This course will provide students with an overview of soil formation processes and the fundamental characteristics of the soil. Knowledge will be gained through lectures and hands-on experience.

Health Care Aid
Students interested in completing the Health Care Aide program can begin the path by enrolling in working safely and effectively as a Health Care Aide and Communication in the Health Care Environment. Health Care Aid requires students to successfully complete English 10-1 or 10-2 (50%)


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